FL Studio Mobile 应用的评论


Consistently crashes after less than 10 minutes and glitchy

Every time I open the app it ends of crashing after not even 10 minutes. On top of that, every audio file I open in the app (except one) is extremely distorted and corrupted, so mastering or sampling lengthy tracks in this program is basically impossible.

This will help you learn to produce.

I first bought this app when my laptop broke because I didn’t want to stop producing and lose my groove at it so to speak, I wasn't optimistic at first but after delving into the software because it lacked a large amount of samples for the 15$ purchase although I realized that there was essentially all the tools you need to make a quality song... if you know how. Using this limited version of fl helps you get back to the basics of the music and really helps you get creative with your patterns and effects. I would say this is an excellent practice tool that people should try.

FLSM vs Fl studio Mobile?! Extra charges

Your two version of the apps has caused my iTunes account to be charged multiple times for the same product. I used to be a big fan of this product but am very displeased with it now. I have been chase he’d multiple times for the in-app purchases that I made along time ago when trying to reinstall it on my iPhone. You may need to check your accounts and make sure you are not charging your customers twice for the same thing but under the different names.

My favorite beat making app on mobile

I love this thing made a lot of beats already and it’s simple to use, but I can’t find a violin we need one😂

Non user friendly

Very basic sounding kits. You cannot even play any instrument efficiently because the keyboard is so small. I actually paid 13.99 dollars hoping this would be better than garageband. This is much worse and lacks so many features. NOTHING like its PC version. Waste of money

Can’t record with Bluetooth mic

Help if you can

Waste of money

Can’t hear anything when adding clips

Not complete

It costs money and than you have to pay again to get all the sounds wish I had known that before I wasted my money

Garbage App

Please, if anyone is looking to buy this app, don’t do it. The audio for this literally doesn’t function, I can’t get any sound out of it. It’s not my phone, or any other outside source, it’s just this app. It’s very broken.

Way Too Glitchy

This app is solid and I love it because I can produce beats everywhere I go, but it is way too glitchy to be this expensive. There are constant menu errors and sound errors. The background listening function barely works and there are so many other annoyances such as the app acting strange when I return to it after returning to home. The playback just stops and I have to close and open it over and over again. I feel these issues shouldn’t be in a $15 app.

Super dope!!!

Can we get ghost notes feature

Keep Crashing

On iPhone 6 What the hall are you fixing? I would rather choose GarageBand if you can’t fix it!

Great but...

Awesome app but I have just one simple suggestion that would take it over the top for me. The ability to import your own drum samples.

Best composition app I’ve ever seen

The only flaw I would say that this version has is when the play button is under the FL icon at the top left, the play button has priority control opposed to the FL icon that lets you see previous projects. When I went to tap on the FL icon to see previous projects, the play button was hiding right behind it and instead of taking me to my previous projects it would play the current composition. Nothing to big I just moved the time marker to the first bar and was easily on my way! Thank you for the app image line!!!


No sound!!!!

I’ve used the app for a while but now I get no audio and when I click play nothing happens

I’ve used the app for a long time and recently I’ve started to get no sound and when I click play nothing happens, please help!

Obtuse Environment and no support for Modern Files Management

This should be avoided. Doesn’t feel like a native iOS app. Doesn’t support files so you have to copy your samples to the app with iTunes. Takes a million steps to do anything.

Periodic freezing

I just downloaded the app a couple days ago and I like this app a lot but I have one problem and I’m using it on an iPad Pro, I get periodic freezing and the only way to get the app working again is to restart my iPad and I signed up and got a user name on the chat form and I don’t see anything on the chat form for me to make a new post or even replying to a post. It be nice if I can get some help with this.


I like this, plz make "Voloco" (Autotune) support available it says failed connecting iAA application. Help me & you'll be helping a lot. Thx FL STUDIO for being there for me on my laptops over the years & overtime my fans breaks so i'm hoping very much that somebody reads this & adds the voloco audiobus support.

I bought GMS and it’s telling me I have the demo after re-downloading the app

I actually bought a bunch a Sounds from you guys what’s going on here it’s saying that I can’t use GMS because it’s a demo mode

Latest update bug

While recording with the pitch wheel the automation data is different than what was played I’m recording the pitch Bend after I made the notes and I’m not using any external midi controls I’m sure this will be fixed soon and would still recommend buying this app because it’s the best mobile DAW for beginners, Pros and everyone in between

Family sharing does not work

Family sharing results in “Re-download unavailable with this Apple ID.” Family sharing works for other apps.


Please make a way that I can import my own instrumentals

My beats went from 0-100..real quick .

Hey if you were by any chance to see this ..developer ppl...I would want to let you know that I’ve some decent songs on here but is there anyway ...any WAY at all that you can add an auto (tune) option that has settings for intensity and what not... I really appreciate the response thank you guys but I meant to type in auto tune not just auto option... would that be something that could be added ?


I’m not able to save the song. Whenever i try to save, it says cannot write file. Whenever i try to record audio, it crashes and i lose my entire unsaved song.

Problems with tempo change and pitch

The app is great when you need to get down some ideas but whenever I try to plug in headphones the tempo and pitch seem to change for some reason and is rendered differently when I do so

Can’t make IAPs

It just bothers me that it’s not letting me make in app purchases, it’ll say “Purchase was cancelled, do you want to try again?” I’ll press Yes but it won’t do anything.


Awesome app, but please make it so where you can play your instrumental, and click out of the app (ie. Home button/menu) and keep the instrumental playing instead of it stopping. That would make this app 5 star.


I really want to like this DAW but I can’t ..No AUv3 support? We can’t even properly do a hi hat roll somewhat easily.. It would also be nice to actually import a whole drum kit at once instead one by one.. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW ANNOYING THAT IS!?!?!? BTW BEATMAKER 3 is waaaayy better but you guys should be setting the standard.. smh Image-Line


App is completely broken. Play button doesn’t play anything and no audio comes out at all.


This is such a great software for those with no computer. But oh my god. I’ve been trying and trying to get the sound to work (rebooted) every trick in the book and there is NO SOUND. PLEASE FLLLLLLL DONT LET ME DOWNWNWNWNWN

App crash

App is still crashing prior to update please fix ASAP I must not loose my beats ☹️

Noise gate

Please add a Noise gate ability so I don’t have to manually gate my vocals. I love this app very dearly but it’s frustrating that it has all the hall marks of standard mixing and mastering except for the ability to gate the noise floor of ones vocals.

I love the app.

Really easy to start making beats. The price is definitely worth the fun and it convenient to be on the phone. It could be a 5 star if there was a way to do high hat rolls on the 808’s. Other than that it’s amazing.

Thanks for fixing 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Awesome app although I would like if you guys could add more things to purchase and if you guys could add some features to import some files or things into the app. Thanks. Can you guys also make the eq function like the way it does on computer please and the compressor 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Needs Redesign

The real version on the computer is great, this app is hard to navigate and control. Could use a better update😬glad they update bugs out

Just a slight problem

I like this app! But the only problem is that GMS seems to crash the app almost every time i try to buy it. It’s like i was trying to buy GMS and the app just crashed.

Dramatic pitch change when I play without headphones and upon export.

The pitch lowers substantially when I export or playback without headphones. This hasn’t always been so.. please fix this. all my finished songs are useless.

It won’t let me buy any sound packs

When I try to purchase the sound packs in the store it won’t let me buy them and the app will shut off completely and take me to my home screen. Other than that I’m having a blast using this app

Good But Not Great

The UI isn't terribly intuitive, it's easier to make a song on Native Instruments iMaschine than this, the basic instrument packs aren't that contemporary or cool, and when I try to purchase "instrument packs" in-app, the app crashes. Not really worth the 14 bucks. It's a five dollar app with .99 cent add-ons.


I can’t import my midi loops

Getting close to GarageBand

Looping DirectWave files is definitely making this app more enticing. If they will add a global swing slider and more time signatures (even if it’s just 1/1) then I might finally be able to ditch GarageBand. While I wish beat editing could be converted to piano roll, I understand that that is something best done on the computer version of this DAW. The potential of good sounds is possible in this app thanks to the mixing tools and the FX. Keep up the good work Image-Line!

Great App! Mobile Music Must Have!!!

I really enjoy the workflow of the app, the layout is my only reason for not giving it 5 stars, it can get a little wonky, but they correct issues every update. I purchased all expansions and I just really really enjoy creating on it. This is one app I haven’t been disappointed in any of the amount of money I’ve put in it .

It’s great but...

The app won’t open now that I updated it can y’all respond ASAP 😒

Good, BUT NEEDS SERIOUS WORK(please read)

As an aspiring edm music artist, I have tried many programs, GarageBand, soundation, Medly, and others, but needed professional material to continue. For these needs I purchased flstudio mobile and thought the app was great after a few run thrus-easy to use interface, good sound quality, and nice color coding in loops, but there are some huge bugs that need fixed to make this app better. 1-the audio play through bug-this is when you start to play through your track, but move or delete a loop when it doesn’t sound right. What happens in the app is that the loop plays over itself multiple times making really annoying to turn your music on and off. Especially when making a remix. 2-this is by far the biggest one-when you transport a song to your Dropbox when you’re done editing it, the sound gets distorted making these god-awful square waves and ruin your track. On my YouTube(FE-59 music), you can see what happened to my remix of Fox Stevenson’s Miss you. Take this into consideration. 3-the render and conversion time to put a file into mp3 is terrible. It can take up to 10 mins, which is a total pain in the butt. 4-If you try to share the audio with friends through text to ask for an opinion, the message fails to send. The software is great, but they NEED TO FIX THESE FOUR ISSUES.


They should kinda state this app is only for people wanting to produce electronic music. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY if you’re trying to use this for any other genre...



This app is very glitchy

When entering the app I can’t escape this isn’t fair please fix this


this is horrible makes absolutely no sense im so confused know for a fact it is not worth $15

  • send link to app