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I can't put in a song instrumental to make a remix. The only reason I actually bought it. I demand a refund.

Pretty bad for $15

Only comes with a few annoying sounds, and you can only import new sounds by knowing a workaround for downloading mp3/wav files. The app for copying and pasting sounds that they ask you to get doesn’t work. I constantly get a vague “cannot write the file” error without any explanation as to why. When I don’t get the error message and I export to files, the bass always gets distorted, even when turned down. I have an iPhone 8 with iOS 11.2 so this isn’t a problem with my phone being outdated.

Still great

Also what I would like to add to my last review please add the full hsb colors from fl studio the desktop

Constantly crashes

I love this app, but the latest update makes it crash every five minutes. iPhone 7 Plus iOS 11.1.2

Good software to use but...

I liked the software for FL Studio Mobile version. However, I paid $14 just to learn that I have to buy more sounds! I just paid 14 fricking dollars! And this is what I get in return? Although this was a problem, I also felt that the software was very simple to use, but very large similar to GarageBand. The starter tutorial was very nice to see, as it helped me learn all the components of the software. The loops were almost the same as GarageBand but they were easier to manage, and FL Studio is definitely more precise than it. Overall, this is a good software, but be sure to be willing to pay for it! :)


Í love this App it’s really good for beat making if your into trap and don’t wonna spend $900 for the PC version give this a try however í do wish we could put certain things in a folder like if you have sample you can make a folder to put them in instead of going to samples and having to find it but other then that 5 stars

How to transfer MP3 files from my phone to app

I was wondering how do you transfer MP3 files or samples from your phone to the app?

Very Hard to use

I want to know how to use metro boomin 808 im pretty sure you know how so can you tell me ?

Good app so far but…

I installed this app because I was talked into it by someone from Amazon and I’m having a good experience so far. However, the kick instrument in the hard house set has no sound. I feel like this is something that needs to be looked into. It also lacks the ability to delete instruments that are not wanted in the songs, which would be a useful feature. Will update my review when I have more feedback to submit.

Fails Compared to Actual Software

Nothing compared to the actual software.

I thinks something is wrong. Help?

Bought this app via my phone. It installed but won’t install on my iPad. It is asking me to buy it again. I really wanted this on the iPad not my phone. If this is true, I need a refund so that I can repurchase it on the iPad. Help? Update: All I needed to do is update the iOS on the iPad and then the store information was updated and I was able to download it for no charge. Looking forward to using this software!!


I want to upload a loop I made to Newgrounds.com, but I can't find the MP3 file I converted it to! Plz help!

Help plzz

Is there anyway you can change back to the other version , it was easier for me to make music.

Probably the most complete mobile DAW just missing 1 thing

Honestly the best mobile DAW out there. Looks great and stable but.... I Deducted one star because it seems to be missing the ability to adjust the piano roll and keyboard by key/scale. Also don’t see an option for chords. Would also be great to see an option for an isomorphic keyboard, which is popular these days.

I need help

How do I get custom samples and instruments


The application is fairly intuitive, and visually appealing, and the advancements in automation make it worth a lot more than previous versions. The GUI fits a lot better on an larger iphone 6 or an ipad vs an iphone 5—but that’s my only qualm.


Really disappointed, add a library for tracks where you can change the cover of it and then upload it to Soundcloud and other apps, add a way to change the speed in the drum kits from like 1/6 to 1/16 and so on for rolls, especially with hi-hats. PLS MAKE IMPROVEMENTS!!

Hope Restored

So I’m rating this app again. I made a loop yesterday, and am excited to keep going finally! Before it seemed like my app wasn’t working, because of a few glitches some that fixed. I got all my instruments that I purchased from the previous version after I calibrated. I use my iPhone, and iPad. The app is great. Most of the time I don’t have to look at tutorials, but I did anyway. I figured out that I was doing the right things, it was just some minor problems with the app. One is that: Sometimes when I add a channel it will load in the same spot as a channel that I have already. I found a way around that, but that should be updated. For example I have drums, then add a string channel. The drums and strings title of the channel would be overlapped as if they are in the same spot. I know that’s a glitch cause it doesn’t happen all the time, just as you add up to 6-7 channels Second: When you save your project, then open it back, the saved version isn’t the one that’s there soon as you open the app. A way around that is tap that same file, then it loads where you left off. I know that can be updated. Third: Sometimes the keyboard is in responsive to the instrument in the channel. Sometimes I’d have to delete it, and then add the channel back. For it to respond. At the most save, close the app, and reopen it. Fourth: What I meant about dragging up and down, is I can hold down on the whole Channel, and arrange them in the order that I want, but the tracks sounds in the channel I can’t. I guess with that I should have recorded all on the same channel. It would be nice to just be able to drag them up, and down without having to do them completely over from the track to the main Channel. In conclusion! The app is great now that everything works besides the things I stated above. I even got my pc version to work! I just had to update my windows 10. Being that it works I will now think about going from FL10 to FL12 so I can work on my projects from my iPhone, & IPad to Pc. Hopefully with this comment it can help others, and the developers make this app greater! I will update my comment too when I see change. I also appreciate IL for your response to my problems! That right there means a lot cause most developers don’t reply!

Fl studio

Should add in auto tune on next update

Premade loops

It is not announced on the App that you have to get your own premade loops and so if you are blind and or you don’t have a Computer you are just out of luck, and that can Hurt a Business and or a Company a lot and i just Heard about this app from my friend, and it is not blind friendly and or fully accessible with VoiceOver.


The new update is very disappointing. I like the way it was before. Feels like my purchase for fl studio has now gone to waste!

Great App

I’ve always been a fan of FL Studio. I’ve recently gotten into GarageBand and it’s a little more user friendly, so if making music is your thing, I’d recommend starting there if you’re having trouble on this one. Otherwise, this is a very fluid app and design. Great sounds, though some were difficult to find at first, I managed to get the hang of it. I would recommend this to anyone with a passion for music, if you get to feeling creative, give this app a try!

Thanks for fixing 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Awesome app although I would like if you guys could add more things to purchase and if you guys could add some features to import some files or things into the app. Thanks

This sh** is trash

**WARNING** DO NOT BUY, I Thought it was gonna be an amazing mobile studio for beats making but i was wrong, there is barely any options for keyboards etc, if you want to be a rapper or pop singer do not use this app. I wasted $14 for nothing, please install voice recording modifacations like auto tune compresser radio voice clean voice etc and let us adjust it, make this better than any other recording apps this app has been out for years now n still hasnt improved much EDIT: Still trash, why havent u guys installed voice modifacations and 808’s on this

Change isn’t always good!

I know the guys and gals that worked on this did their best and this is a true labor of love for them however I hate the new interface and no longer use FLSM since the “Ver. 3 update” that gave us an entirely new product. FLSM was my primary music production app as it had most the tools I needed. Since the change I can’t make heads or tails of anything. I’ve moved to Music Studio Pro as it’s basically the same as FLSM was prior to the “Ver. 3 update”.

Just needs GROSS BEAT (and edison) [PLEASE RESPOND

love using this app on-the-go... just needs Gross Beat to really open up its potential. I would pay good money for a Gross Beat add-on! Also Edison would be great if there was some way to sample music (although it is understandable if you must omit sampling due to copyright issues). I find Edison and Gross Beat to be my favorite plugins from FL studio, so it is very upsetting not to see them in the mobile version. Surely there is some way that you could make a miniature Gross Beat for the mobile app with less visual animation to lighten the CPU load... thank you & please respond to my review! Let me know if this is possible for a future update

They need to fix the update

When I try to go into the updated version of the app it kicks me out before I can actually go into the app constantly. When I am able to get before I can do anything to a project it kicks me out right away. They really need to fix this immediately. Also make it easier to export the projects too


I do wish we could drag the notes instead of just plugging it in to the PR, the controls are not very smooth and they are kind of frustrating. Other than that this software is very reliable


I was about to update and then i looked at the pictures of the new version. Absolutely terrible. The new gui is so bad it looks like a beginner programmer wrote this mess, not a company that has been in business for as long as this one. I will be using cubasis instead of this garbage.

This app is NOT garbage!

My god these reviews are pretty ruthless. I didn't think there was or is a thing wrong with this app. I love it. I learned it on my own and it's a great tool for the beginner producer.

Great music writing tool!

When inspiration strikes, you'll be glad you have this app on your side.


It's a great app for producing, very powerful but its simple things that make it so irritating to use. 1. Its very annoying that I cant copy and paste a channel with all the sounds/settings. Its cool that I can add another track but sometimes I don't want certain tracks in the same channel Instead of me going to and from one project to another copying and pasting each individual setting and sound into a new channel. We should be able to COPY AND PASTE ENTIRE CHANNELS and save them in a favorites/custom preset library. 2. The move up and move down button is such a hastle, why not make it where we can drag a sound or setting up and down? Its so much easier that way.

Needs an import sound feature

Please add a feature where I can import sound from other apps

Pretty awesome

Not sure what the others are complaining about. It works very well. Just not as user friendly as others I have installed, but it's still a worthy gem on the app store in my opinion.

PLEASE FIX YOUR APP !!!!I'll change my rating when app gets installed !!!

Today I wanted to try your mobile app , so I purchased . Then after I purchased I proceeded to download is now giving me an error that I can't download app at this time??? PLEASE FIX ASAP IMMATURELY!!!! Thank you

Crashes when using iaa or Audiobus

Need to be entirely revamped for using Audiobus or IAA, I suggest scrapping using them altogether and look into audio units

Pretty much crap

1st of all its hard to use make it so it's like GarageBand not a stupid Chinese hard to use software I've wasted 14 dollars! This sh*t should be worth at least 5 dollars I want a refund now!

Love it

I love fl studio mobile because now I can make a beat for my raps that I make 5 stars

Better Than First Upgrade

This app is getting better however rarely used. Bleikr Sound still uses the FL desktop version in our studio.

A Beta Released as a Finished Product

Here you see a prime example of upgrade insanity. A one time benchmark app made into a third rate bore. The developer misrepresented the feature set of this app and I fell for it. People lost countless hours of work and were stuck paying extra for nothing. Interconnectivity with other apps is hit and miss, the workflow is stilted. The is a good time for a competition to claim this space. Right nowBeatMaker 2 (yes 2) runs rings around this app. And this constant audio latency reset is unbelievably stupid.

In app sells and no recording with headphones

I think it's ridiculous that you can't purchase all of this sounds at one time that I have to purchase separate sounds at a time. And I remember you used to be able to record on FL studios were iPhone headphones on the iPad or iPhone now you can't do that anymore and there is no tutorial video online showing you how to

Can't share to SoundCloud?

The app is getting better just wish I could upload the songs I make to SoundCloud

Great For Real Music Producers Out There!

One thing though Why can't you export your songs to YouTube? Or SoundCloud? Please Explain

Ripped Tf off

I paid for the program and paid extra for the other sound so when I downloaded it to my new phone it's trying to make me pay for the sounds again so I want my money back or my sounds if not I'm suing someone!!!


I would rate this app 5 stars but first y'all need to find a way to convert a song to SoundCloud. You can convert it to MIDI and MP3 but why can't you convert it to SoundCloud?


Why are my DirectWav's muting themselves? This is annoying because I've had to go recreate my loops and I can't just copy and past onto another track like I used to be able to do before you guys changed EVERYTHING.

3rd Time's The Charm

I think this version is super cool. Operation is smooth and easy to see and understand what's going on. Very nice sound library too. I did not care much for the earlier versions, but this one is a home run. Edit- With every update they keep adding more demos. It's up to 16 now & they won't let you delete them. They all are loaded with audio clips that won't even play correct on my iPad 3.


It needs to be fixed, The new update is the AudioBus but when I click on an option for a voice synth it freezes and kicks me out of The app please fix now

Not working

Not working on my iPad Pro since the newest update this morning In response thanks the newer update fixed the problem

Instantly crashes

The fastest way from a launch to a crash!!! 😡 EDIT: version 3.1.59 has fixed the crashing, FL Studio gets 4 stars for now until Direct Wave can actually start live sampling

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