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Debería traducir la app para no limitar a personas que no saben inglés avanzado. Además deberían hacer más vídeos tutoriales!

Please Help

I purchased this program and deleted it by accident, please help me download again.Please help I love to beat it, please help me b where I wanna b idk if cuz I gotta iPad 2. Idk if it matters please help me beat again in harmony please. Luv u fl studios!

New update is great just 1 MAJOR Flaw

Since the new update. If I add an adomates track to a drum pad than go erase the original track so I can change the tempo inside the drum pad (to give snare or hi hat rolls) the app shuts down as soon as I hit erase. For the trap style beats that I make this is a huge huge problem. Please fix or advise what to do. Other than that this app is the best phone beatmaking app ever!

Can’t hear the beat

With it with out headphones on. Silent or not on silent I can’t hear anything from the app.

App gets better every update

Being able to move midi from one track to another is great...app that is needed is a playlist/song mode like in GarageBand or gadget..I got a feeling the image line crew is on the case...sections, blocks, something to build not just a beat but a song. Keep up the good work!

Midi note implementation

Very cumbersome to get notes into the grid and too many menu diving options. You have to improve the UI. Sound quality is top notch. Audiobus and Interapp audio is still non functional and doesn’t work for me. A very halfhearted update on a fine idea.

New update is great

Still the best app for making music and this most recent update is proof it’s worth every penny. I would like to see a signal splitter where I can play a pattern on one track and have it sent into two separate instrument tracks so I can layer things easier or an arpeggiator that I can use with any of the other instruments. I sound like those jerks who complain theirs no WiFi on the airplane

Love the app

Love the app im on it all day


Fruity-Loops Studio has always been the best DAW in my opinion. This app is fantastic, the only problems I'm encountering are hardware issues. The sound cards for Apple devices are simply NOT ENOUGH to produce dubstep, or at least not dubstep of the overambitious intensity that I'm trying to produce... It's fantastic for producing custom synth, bass, lead, et cetera, but these little phones just can't handle dubstep. I'll always love you and your software, Image-Line!

Requesting a refund!!!

This app is not was not was to be expected. Keeps pausing and have to constantly restart app and restart music I’ve produced from the beginning. Money back please!!

Great App

The app plays pretty well. Only bad thing to me is mixing I think you guys should make a video on how to mix successfully.

Please read and fix

First off, I love this app. Even the mobile version of FL Studio is the very definition of professionalism. I am working on an album that will be released later this year. But lately I’ve been discovering some problems that prevent me from producing my music properly. A little while back, the audio somehow converted to mono, and I checked the 32 bit and normalize option. The issue resolved after 20 minutes of refreshing the app over and over again. And; as of May 19th, 2018, I tried to open FL Studio again to work on my latest creation, but the sound and visuals were slowed down by what I approximate to be 30%. Other than the minor glitches and lag, this app is perfect. Please fix the issues in the next update, so I may continue producing music for my (five, apathetic) followers. Thanks.

Bass Always Distorted

No matter what I do, the bass always comes out distorted after export. It’s almost impossible to hear anything besides the crackling of the bass. I’ve turned it down to the point where you can barely hear it, tried multiple different bass sounds, but no matter what the bass comes out distorted. Every other aspect of this app works great, but the fact that the bass ruins every song I export brings it easily down to a 1 Star.


I'm have problems with exporting/sharing songs with my clients. I have been only able to send through email and nothing else, not discord, twitter, YouTube, etc. I do not own a copy of FL studio due to lack of money and I only own a 2008 computer The mic is failing to calibrate as well, I have turned the volume up, and unplugged everything.

Put a gate effect!! And auto tune

Noise gate noise gate noise gate noise gate noise gate. Put a noise gate effect.

All good but...

Its all good and simple, but people want to add changing time signature function.

Purchased again & wasn’t credited for it

I bought flstudio..mobile for my iPod 5th generation then & now just purchased flstudio...for my iPad Pro 9.7 & was not credited for the 1st purchase..? Aren’t they both supposed to be credited - flstudio is still one of the best ever...I been a flstudio fan..beatmaker since year 2003..the personal computer download....also...peace...

Great app!

You guys did amazing with this music studio, and it really helps when I want to make music on the go! But whenever I try to add an automation track, it crashes. Other than that, great job!

Initial thoughts

Takes much longer than other apps to load. Tried opening an IAA and it froze the iPad for a couple minutes, when it unfroze the IAA was connected to Cubasis and that wasn’t even open. The UI is very plain, which looks great to me for the arrangement area but doesn’t feel inspiring in other areas. Using on a 2017 10 inch iPad Pro. Will update my opinions if I use the app more successfully.

Beebee wanna see my small peepee

Wanna see my small peepee

good app

I just don’t know how to fully use it yet so idk but good app

Better than launch is an understatement.

I clear improvement from the last time I checked. There are things here and there that I’d like changed, added, or removed, but you people are probably already on the case...hopefully.

This is a mobile version of my PC creator

It is so useful, very cool. DAW, It’s a very popular creating music maker that this successful to GarageBand and was similar to Music Studio.

more hip hop sounds and hip hop instruments!

love this app most of it is perfect! but i hate that most of the sounds and instruments are techno/EDM sounds. makes it really hard to make a trap/hip hop type beat without it sounding strange.a lot more sounds would be very appreciated!!! p.s also i’ve visited the image line server for more sounds and even the ones on there sound very techno influenced. MORE HIPHOP SOUNDS! thanks imageline!!

Super dope!!!

Just needs more vocal features the 808 plugin is a super plus tho 💯💯

Gross beat

Love this app.. this is what introduced me to making beats n when I’m on the go I use the phone version. I jus wish there was more I could do when it come to sounds and types of beats. Can you add gross beats?

Absolutely Incredible.

Hands down one of the best mobile DAWs. However, I’d appreciate having some things added, specifically: A spectrum analyzer, The ability to change BPM with an Automatron track, The ability to run FX in parallel, A sidechaining feature in the compressor, The ability to run FX channels into other FX channels, The ability to run a channel into multiple FX channels at the same time, And the ability to toggle the synths in MiniSynth and GMS between freeform and gated. Having the synths in freeform adds a lot of clicks. Besides that, everything about the app is perfect. Keep up the good work!

Powerful and easy

A good app for quick music creation - can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!

It’s great but...

On iPhone it starts chopping a lot. We need multi core processing options to fix the chopping noises other than that it’s great

I like FL Studio Mobile OK

I Got 3 Stars

Great App😃

Ever since I bought this app back in August, I have now been able to create my own drum n bass music. The interface is easy to use, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make electronic music 😁.

Definitely worth!

This is one of the best apps for music you can get on your iOS device currently! It’s super easy as well! Here’s a round of applause for the developers 👏


Bought this to use poison 202 and a couple other IAA supported apps and it’s a glitchy mess. There’s been issues since July 2017 and still no update.

Still crashes with Audiobus and IAA

Still fails when it comes to using 3rd party apps with it, I truly think Audiobus and IAA implementation needs to be completely scrapped and recoded from the bottom up. I Don’t think it has been implemented well at all. Using Audiobus and IAA should not be such a chore, it should be completely removed as a feature until the developer figures out what they are doing.

Love it

Only probs I have from it is when I double tap it freezes n I lose unsaved stuff

Lost all my projects in update

I was using FL studio mobile earlier version and got iPhone X, restored using iCloud and I️t downloaded new fo studio, I lost all my old projects. They are there but open and nothing’s there. Buyer beware.

Better than people say

Most reviews call this app limited or confusing but I disagree. I own a ton of iOS music making apps and fl studio is easily one of my favorites. The instruments are very good and the effects are too. The program is responsive and easy to navigate. Everything you need is here if you look for it for a few seconds, since it’s probably tucked away until you need it. This is IOS, not a desktop. As fair as in app purchases, people have complained, but that’s how developers make money. What’s the big deal? You get a good deal of great sounds initially and for a few bucks you can buy more, that’s a good deal. If you’re on the fence, go ahead and pull the trigger and you’ll be glad you did.

Not bad

It is very easy to control after some updates, but it would be quite satisfying if realistic rock instruments were added, just like the Sytrus guitar instruments in FL 12.

MIDI controller support?

I honestly don’t know if this app has MIDI controller support, so could some one clarify? If it doesn’t, it should. A couple smaller nit picks, I wish it had the ability to do smaller notes than 16th, and drums should certainly have that feature. A bit of trouble with the audio record feature, but it could just be my phone. Over all, 10/10, lives up to the hype, would recommend and a half.

It wont let me download

As far as im concerned its a money stealing scam


I would like it to work with the novation launchpad hardware and if possible with other drum midi controllers, for performance and maybe covers with lights

My Fav. DAW

I have to laugh at the reviewers who thought this app sucked. Like any skill there is a learning period, but fl studio has made this period pretty sweet. I have learned so much through fl studio.,,, Yes, you may need to read a bit or watch a few videos, but if you’re not willing to invest some time and thought into the process, well then just buy a kazoo or whatever easier instrument you’re comfortable with.

Only One Concerning Issue

I’ve been using the app for a while and it’s been great. I enjoy making music on the app occasionally. I’ve had very few issues, but the biggest one I’ve come across recently is a bug. The speed and pitch will shift either slightly upwards or downwards, no matter the tempo. It depends on if I open the app with headphones on or off. If I have headphones plugged in, the phone speaker audio will be shifted in some way and vice versa. At first, I thought it was a problem with my phone, but the problem is only on this app, no other apps have the issues. However, if I save a project as an audio file, it’ll be completely fine. It would be great if this were fixed.

We Need FL Studio for the Mac !!!!!👨🏻‍💻& Few Things For Mobile

Please I've Been Waiting For So Long For FL Studio To Work On The Mac Version 👨🏻‍💻. Also We Need You Guys To Put More Instruments On Mobile Like Accordion, Ukulele, And So Many Instruments That People Use Around The World, I Don’t Mind If I Have To Buy It. Thanks 👍🏼For Reading This Message

Come on

I’ve been using this app for 4 years now and it’s been amazing. I love this app so much. One problem though that seriously ticked me off. After this most recent update, the most recent song I’ve been working on is now pitched up 3 octaves. WTH?? Please fix.

0 star rating

This is not worth 13 dollars. I had a caustic three and could sequence any genre I wanted. With this app I can barely even sequence one song? Frequencies all sound like a squealing tea pot. All music made on this app sounds like someone banging on pots and scratching a chalkboard. I’m sorry, but let’s be honest. This app is ameteur at best. Refund please?

Great music writing tool!

When inspiration strikes, you'll be glad you have this app on your side. I always appreciate the updates that you are releasing, please always support iOS 9 for us who can't update our iPad anymore to the latest operating system. Thank you Image Line!!!

My beats went from 0-100..real quick .

Hey if you were by any chance to see this ..developer ppl...I would want to let you know that I’ve some decent songs on here but is there anyway ...any WAY at all that you can add an auto option that has settings for intensity and what not

Help please!!

Okay, so I just bought this app. I went on the forums and the manual gave me instructions on how to make music via sound fonts. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this since the modern FL studio only seems to have a shop to buy samples and nothing more. So that means I can’t use my sound fonts... and that was the whole point of buying the app. Or is there something that I’m not understanding? I’m using an iPad Pro, if that means anything... I’m in desperate need of assistance!! I don’t know what to do!!! HELP ME!!


On my IPhone 5s whenever I open up the app and try to play the piano to see what how the key sounds it doesn’t read it, by that I’m saying that it takes for ever to play a note because it’s slow or laggy i haven’t had this problem till recently. It’s sad because I use this app everyday but sense this problem occurred I haven’t been able to use it much nor do anything on it because 90% of the stuff requires the piano (mini synth to play the notes or frequencies such as amplifiers, ect.) please get this fix soon.

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